Investment Management Philosophy
Our expert team of portfolio managers will professionally supervise and manage your money. We will work with you to develop a disciplined strategy to meet your individual investment goals, and then customize a portfolio just for you.

We are experienced in investing during up and down markets. Regardless of market conditions, we can tailor an investment portfolio that meets your needs. Our objective is to manage your wealth in a manner consistent with helping you achieve your life goals.

Most of our clients prefer a conservative, long-term growth strategy. Our investment management planning procedure involves discussion and agreement about:

  • Risk levels, types of investments, income demands, portfolio mix, and ranges of equity exposure
  • How involved you want to be in the investment decision process

For example, after discussion with our investment officers, you may be comfortable giving discretion to our professionals to invest between 40% and 60% of your portfolio in common stocks. It is our position that no one knows for sure what will happen to stock prices in the short run, but we feel confident that stocks should appreciate nicely over at least a 5-year period, probably better than any other traditional form of investment. Under this plan, the customer knows that his/her portfolio will never have more than 60% in stocks, and never less than 40%. The balance would be invested in cash equivalents and government and corporate bonds or municipals, if appropriate.

Investments selected for a portfolio are of investment-grade quality, unless specific direction is made otherwise. Common stocks selected are of high-quality companies having a record of earnings growth, substantial capital, and reasonable valuations.​

Generally, the market capitalization for companies under consideration is at least $10 billion and long-term debt typically represents less than 50 percent of capitalization.

Issues on our buy list typically have price/earnings ratios below the overall market and/or the industry group. We find this to be extremely beneficial, not only from a value perspective, but also from a risk perspective. Our experience shows that during a “sell off” or “correction” in the equity markets, these issues will typically fall less in price than the overall market.

Park National Bank employs the services of several outside investment research and advisory firms. Investment policy is set by the Trust Investment Committee, which includes officers from the bank and the Trust & Investment department. This committee reviews and approves a monthly equity buy list.