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In Person Appointment Guidelines

The health of our associates and customers is very important to our organization, and we are continually working to keep everyone as safe as possible during this COVID-19 public health crisis.

We are working hard to handle all your financial needs while also following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to our organization’s protocols during in-person appointments.
This guidance includes:

  • Physical distancing: We want to maintain the CDC-recommended distance of at least six feet between associates and customers during in-person appointments.
  • Face covering or mask (cloth material preferred) highly recommended for customers and mandatory for our associates. We can provide for customers if forgotten or unavailable.
  • Health assessment questions will be asked of customers before confirming appointment and again at entry to the bank. (We will ask the same of our associates.) Should there be information shared that does not allow for an in-person appointment to be set, we will do our best to offer an alternative solution.
  • If you have an appointment with us, we recommend that you take your temperature before arriving to verify it is within a normal range. If you are sick or displaying symptoms, we request that you reschedule your appointment
    or try to work with your banker over the phone.
  • We are making extra efforts to clean work areas and meeting spaces frequently and before and after each customer encounter. Your appointment may be held in a dedicated conference room to allow for safety precautions.

Thank you for your understanding and adherence to these protocols during these unprecedented times.

We assure you we’re doing everything we can to be socially responsible while ensuring you, your household, business or community has the financial support you need.