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Four Tips for Holiday Spending

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The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means the gift-giving season is also approaching. While it may bring pure joy to pick up the perfect gift for someone close to you, it’s also important to make sure you stay smart with holiday spending.

Here’s a handful of easy and effective tips to enjoy the holiday season without your bank account taking a hit:

Stick to Your Budget: It’s easy to really get into the holiday spirit and start your own personal spending spree. The better plan, at least for your bank account, is to set a budget and stick with it. Using a Visa debit card for purchases is a good way to monitor spending, giving you real-time access to your account to help you stay within budget.

You can also monitor purchases on our app, the perfect companion for managing your money. If you get in the spirit of the holiday shopping season, quickly and easily check your account to make sure you didn’t go too wild. You can track purchases with your debit card on our app as well, giving you the chance to set your spending limits to help not go over budget. The app also allows you to set up alerts when purchases are made, if a purchase reaches a level you set (ex: anything more than $100) and low-balance alerts, providing the ultimate piece of mind.

Use Your Credit Card, Get Rewarded: Want an easy way to treat yourself? Use a rewards credit card. You’ll earn points and rewards from every purchase, which means cash back for you. It’s like being paid to shop.

Just don’t spend so much on your credit card that you encounter the holiday blues with an overwhelming bill the next month. Be ready to pay the balance in full to avoid any interest, reaping the full scope of the benefit of getting cash back for every purchase.

If you’re fearful you will go over the top using a credit card during the holiday season, a debit card, or cash, may be the better option.

Remove the Stress, Feel Secure: Whether it’s entertaining guests, finding the best deals on the gifts everyone wants or packing up for a holiday vacation, there’s enough on your plate this time of year. Don’t let any banking issues add to it.

Our fraud protection comes in extra handy this time of year, especially if you’re traveling for the holidays. If any unusual purchases pop up, you’ll get a call or text verifying the purchase, making certain you won’t be a victim of fraud.

You can also turn off your debit card if you’re having trouble locating it. If you misplace it, you can freeze the card and have it reissued without huge headaches or losses for you. If you prefer the card-free route, turn your phone into a mobile wallet when you add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Your card number is replaced with a randomized digital account number stored on your device for a fast, card-free option that’s safe and secure. Lastly, if you’re in a pinch and need cash quickly, use any ATM and get fee refunds up to $20/month depending on your account.

Whatever your preference it’s good to have options, especially when it means less stress this time of year.

Join the Club: Our bank’s Christmas Club Savings Account is a great way to plan your holiday spending for 2020. Make deposits whenever you want or set up automatic deposits on your preferred timeline, making it an ideal way to be strategic when it comes to your holiday spending next year.

There is no minimum balance requirement or monthly fees, it is simple to open and get started, and it works for any budget. Plus, your balance earns interest daily and the money is delivered at the end of the club year, in October, into the account of your choice and right in time for the holiday season. It’s the perfect solution for a headache-free holiday season, ensuring you put smiles on everyone’s face, including yours!

We want to be a trusted resource for your finances and are always here to help. Stop in today or give us a call at 740.349.8633 and we can tell you more about the extensive services we offer to make banking easy for you.


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