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So who's got the answers?

Your bestie always knows which shoes work best with your outfit and which destination to choose for your next getaway, but can she tell you what credit card you should use to pay for those shoes to get the best travel miles for that trip?

Your co-worker is a reliable source of intel when it comes to office gossip, but is he equally skilled at maximizing your 401k or rerouting part of your paycheck into a savings account?

Mom and dad are a bit more savvy when it comes to financial decisions, but is the side of judgment that comes along with their advice really worth going there?

Considering a DIY approach? Sure, you could google some basic info on your own if you want to become a financial guru in your spare time, but who’s to say that article you just read isn’t fake news or someone selling something you don’t need?

Let’s face it. Life’s just easier with your own personal banker.


Abbey Hobbs

Lifelong Park banker

My life is full of the letter B – I have 2 boys, 4 brothers (and a husband!) and love the Buckeyes and Bengals.

Barb Schopp-Miller

Jack of all trades

Proud grandma. Indians fan. World traveler. Bread baker. Cat lover. Always smiling.

Courtney Knott

Helping you go places

If it can get you from point A to point B, Courtney can help you buy it. Car, boat and RV loans are her specialty!

Delainey McIlwain

I’d rather be outside

Like biking, love hiking. National Parks are my favorite!

Justin Hines

There’s no place like home

Justin has your your back for anything related to building, buying or refinancing your home. Ask him how to make your home sweet home even sweeter!

Leslie Pruitt

Banker with a southern flair

Always working on a DIY project, loves to kayak, search for vintage vinyl, and watching the Tarheels with my family.

Mallory Wilkins

Perfect day

Water skiing with my family, snuggling my Frenchie Gus, and listening to JT.

Matia Mathews

Always on the move

Between coaching volleyball, working out and jogging, you’ll rarely catch me sitting still.

Mike Nagel

Investment guru

With 10 years’ experience, Mike’s your go-to for investment, retirement planning or trust questions. We dare you to try and stump him!