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Merchant Services

Payment solutions make it easier for your customers to pay for your goods or services. We’ll help you manage a variety of payment methods through our industry leading merchant services.

Automated Clearing House

Simplify recurring payments and payroll services with automated clearing house (ACH), an electronic system for processing payments. Your business can save labor costs, decrease paperwork, and gain more control over your funds.

Business Credit Cards

Make payments securely and quickly with a business credit card. There are numerous options to meet the needs of your company, from a longer introductory rate card to rewards cards.

One Card Program

Simplify corporate spending with the One Card program. We partnered with Elan Financial Services to give you a web-based solution to manage and track the way your business spends money.

Shareholder Services

Your shareholders are a vital part of your company. We’ll customize a program to better meet the needs of your shareholders and provide transfer agent services for your business.

Lockbox Services

Save time and effort processing payments. We’ll deposit payments on your behalf and give you customized reports for your records.

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks from the convenience of your office at any time. Simply scan a check, press a few keys, and then the check will be electronically transmitted to us for processing.

Public Funds

Cash management is particularly important for government entities and public service organizations. We can provide your organization with a wide range of specialized services, helping you focus more on your work.


Our convenient ATMs provide a quick and easy way to do your banking, including making a deposit, transferring money, paying a loan, getting cash and much more. Simply insert your card and go through the easy-to-follow prompts on the screen. It’s a simple, safe and secure way to get your banking done!


Drive Thru

Our drive-thru locations provide you the opportunity to make deposits, pay a loan, transfer money, get cash and more, all without leaving your car.


Night drop

Our night drop is an easy way to utilize contactless delivery, and it can be used for deposits and loan payments. Include a deposit slip and your payment information in an envelope and place it the night drop slot, and an associate will take care of it the next business day. It is a simple, safe and secure way to make a deposit or payment.

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