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Overdraft Protection


Account Link

Your account covers it. Link another deposit account to your Priority Series account for extra protection. Money automatically transfers from your linked account to prevent overdraws, if funds are available. No fee for transfer. No non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee.



Your credit line covers it. Use a personal line of credit to protect you from declined transactions or returned checks. Money automatically transfers in $50 increments to cover your negative balance. Interest accrues daily on the amount transferred, but you avoid overdraft fees for each transaction as long as your stay within your Checkline limit. You can pay on your Checkline balance at any office or via online banking at any time. Minimum monthly payments are required based on the amount borrowed.



Our bank covers it for you. This overdraft option pays checks and honors debits up to a $400 if you choose to opt in. You still pay a fee of $35 per item for overdrawing your account, but your purchase will go through, and you’ll avoid the merchant’s returned check fee. Clients make deposits to return account to a positive balance.

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