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5 ways to invest smarter

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How we manage our investments is one of the most important financial decisions we make. A sound strategy and careful planning can turn hard work into the future we envision.

But how do you find a strategy that works best for you? For starters, working with the experts at Park National Bank is an ideal way to help navigate the investment world. Our clients have relied on us to help manage and invest their money for generations. With that in mind, here are five more steps to invest smarter and help create the future you want.


If you can’t spend at least a few hours a day tracking the market, a good financial advisor is well worth the investment. It’s perfectly understandable if you can’t keep an eye on your money all the time, but that’s also why it’s good to work with a professional who can find the best investments to reach your goals.

The experts at Park National Bank have a strong track record of success, ensuring you’re in the best hands to get the most out of your investment. Instead of putting in limited time and making your own decisions, our team is a sounding board for your concerns and vision. We take our expertise and combine it with your vision to take a partnership approach to investing.

In an ever-changing world, having a trusted source dedicated to making the best choices for your investments – and your future – is a valuable tool.


In short, leave it to an expert to expand your investment horizons.

If you’re not well-represented in various areas of the economy, you could miss out on good opportunities. Mutual funds are a great way to diversify if you don’t have the assets available to purchase a large representation of stocks.

Plus, a mutual fund is a better way to achieve full diversification as opposed to buying 3-4 different stocks and hoping one takes off. Our goal is to help you meet your goals, and we do that by maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks through diversification.


It can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends, pouncing on the latest and greatest thing you read online or saw on television. But it’s not an approach that wins in the long run.

What counts is having a philosophy. Jumping on board with one thing won’t make you rich overnight. The odds are heavily against you, so it’s best to not even try it.

What should be adopted, however, is an overall strategic plan. It’s much better to have a fair representation of all different areas of the economy. One area of the market might be hot now, but the smarter approach is leaning on a proven and long-term strategy that includes diversity in all areas.


If you’re involved with investment management, your concentration should be on building the tomorrow you want. Don’t think about short-term return, and don’t wing it.
Having a long-term focus is crucial, and too many knee-jerk reactions will come back to bite you. The experts at Park National Bank are focused on the long-term and aren’t concerned about the greatest return year-over-year. Instead, they want a strong average over a five or 10-year span.

Along the lines of thinking long-term, the earlier you start investing for your future the better. Make consistent contributions over time and the results will be powerful. The earlier you invest, the longer you have to see it appreciate, which makes a long-term approach the smartest way to invest.


With long-term thinking comes a mindset where you can’t panic if things go south for a short period of time. Stay calm, be optimistic, and play the long game.

Getting anxious over your investments if they momentarily lose money is understandable, but trying to time the market and jump out ahead of time is a poor strategy. If you’re comfortable with the risk you and your financial advisor take, relax if there’s a momentary downturn. The market will rebound in its own time.

It’s a better plan than trying to time when you jump out. If someone constantly makes wholesale changes, they usually end up chasing their tail. It’s not a good practice to follow and won’t help your investment portfolio. Instead, trust your advisor to make the tweaks that ensure consistent growth.

As many knowledgeable financial experts have said, “The time you are in the market is way more important than trying to time the market.”

Our knowledgeable team is always here to discuss your financial situation and help tailor your investments for a worry-free future. Our bank is a full-service resource for you and we aim to provide trustworthy investment advice. Visit one of our experts today to get started. Give us a call at 888-474-7275.

Investments are not FDIC insured, not bank guaranteed, and may lose value.


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