One Card
We understand that facilitating efficient corporate spending and management is important to your business. Park National Bank, along with Elan, offers the One Card Program to streamline commerce and reduce operating costs by proactively managing your payment solutions.

This Web-based, user-friendly solution for One Card customers offers scheduled and interactive reports, cost allocation, expense reporting, and account system integration for all your transaction data.

  • Intelligent reporting solution to keep travel, entertainment and purchasing expenditures under control.
  • Designed to meet the complex needs of virtually any size organization.
  • Provides data to make more informed business decisions, streamline operations and improve your bottom line.

Simplify accounting: Built-in file extract capabilities makes it easy for accounting personnel to import Visa commercial transactions into your general ledger and accounts payable systems. Employees benefit from the expense-reporting feature, which lets them quickly create reports by automatically retrieving their card transactions. This helps reduce costly accounting hours spent reconciling purchasing data.

Negotiate better pricing: Review your company’s spending with key suppliers and use the information to effectively negotiate discounts or better rates.

Monitor and ensure compliance: Determine where your employees are spending by merchant type or location, allowing you to identify when non-preferred vendors are used.

Manage, track and analyze spending: Specify dates, departments and other options for customized spending analysis. Online, interactive reports allow you to view information in high-level spending summaries or by individual transaction.

Consolidate spending: Summarize spending from multiple departments, automatically consolidate data and distribute information to your key managers throughout the organization.

Improve accuracy: Eliminate the errors that come with constantly re-entering data manually - and use your time for more strategic activities.

Save time and money: Choose from standard, easily customizable reports designed to help cut costs and streamline accounting processes.

Customize reporting: Use built-in, customizable reports to detail your company transactions into six categories: Spending Analysis, Travel Management, Program Administration, Exception Situations, Tax Reporting and Fleet Services.

Streamline development and implementation: Complete your entire implementation process - from application to receipt of cards - in approximately four weeks. Then get ongoing account maintenance from experienced Account Managers to keep your program running smoothly.

Account setup and maintenance: Manage and control accounts online in real time.