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Sweep Arrangement Services

Earn more interest on your company’s funds with Sweep Arrangement Services. If there are times when you have excess collected funds in a checking account that doesn’t earn interest, we can help you maximize your earnings. Our Sweep Arrangement Services electronically and automatically move extra funds from your checking account to an interest-earning investment account. If your account activity changes and you need that money in your checking account – the funds are simply moved back. Sweep Arrangement Services are an easy, flexible way to earn interest on more of your company’s money.

What do Sweep Arrangement Services do for my company?

  • Manage your company’s cash flow
  • Maximize interest income through electronic float management
  • Earn interest on your company’s working funds
  • Eliminate the need to keep idle cash in a non-interest earning account

How does that help with day-to-day operations?

  • Saves time and resources by removing the need to manually transfer funds
  • Maintains financial flexibility
  • Reduces clerical costs

Business Checking

Your business has unique needs. Find an account that fits them. We offer a variety of checking accounts and convenient features, such as our anytime banking services and business debit cards.

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Simplify your business operations. Just like the right equipment makes a job easier to complete, having the right tools makes your company more efficient. We offer a range of convenient services to support your business, your customers, and even your shareholders.

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Your goals become our goals the minute you walk into an office or dial our number. We take the time to understand the priorities of your business and clearly discuss your loan options. We’re proud to serve local businesses as a reliable lending partner.

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